1. You want the groom to look (almost) as good as you.

We all know the bride is going to look absolutely perfect on your wedding day. Their hair is perfect. The dress is perfect. The makeup is perfect. She looks like she’s on the cover of a major fashion magazine.

Then there’s the groom. Too often, the groom is forgotten until the last minute. He rushes to the nearest suit warehouse to buy or rent whatever suit or tuxedo the employee tells them will look good. So then we have a perfect looking bride and a groom who looks “good”. This is a quick way to dilute the quality of the photos, just ask any wedding photographer.

Buying a custom suit ensures that the groom is going to look good and feel confident, which will show in all the photos. This is your best day, so look your best.

2. Don’t wear someone else’s suit

If you choose to rent, please be warned that this suit has been worn a hundred times by other grooms who got married before you. Not a happy thought.

When you buy a custom suit, you never have to worry about waisting money on someone else’s suit again. The good thing is, it’s not like the wedding dress that is worn once and is hung in the closet forever. Instead, you can wear it over and over again.

3. Make it a gift to the groom

Many of our customers purchase their suit or tuxedo as a gift to the groom for the same reason mentioned above. You aren’t waisting money on someone else’s suit. It’s yours. You can wear it to every special occasion after that for the rest of your life.

4. You are one-of-a-kind

No two people are exactly the same. Neither are any two weddings the same. So the groom shouldn’t be dressed the same at every wedding. Too many guys are going to a big-box store for their wedding suit, and they all look the same: Unfit and Unoriginal.

General suit stores carry suit sizes that are meant to fit anyone. So if you’re 5’7” and have a narrow chest, you’ll get the same suit as the guy that is 6’7” with the same size chest. Your sleeves wont fit, your jacket size will be too short or too long, and you just won’t look or feel good on your big day.

5. It’s a special day…

…So make your suit special. With a custom suit you pick the fabric, customize the lining to match or coordinate with the colors, or even monogram your initials and wedding date on the inside of your jacket! There are over 30 details you can decide on.