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All fittings are done by appointment. If your schedule requires a different day or time, please reach out with your availability and we’ll do our best to accommodate. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to fit, a suit is easy to get wrong. Shoulder divots, tight buttons forming a wrinkled X over the torso, bunching collars, and overexposed cuffs are all signs of a poor fit. And, a poorly fitting suit definitely doesn’t make a good impression.  

Tailored Suits for All Occasions

The best way to ensure a perfect fit is with a custom fitted suit. A tailor-made suit fits your body, style, and personality like nothing else. Choose the fabrics and colors, and become a true partner in creating your perfect, custom-made suit. 

When considering what you want in a suit, first think about the occasion where you’ll be wearing it. Will you be the best man at a summer wedding? Wooing investors or a romantic partner, or proving to your clients that you mean business? Consider how you want to feel when you wear your suit, as well as how often you’ll wear it and in what situations. Keeping these things in mind will help you prepare for your custom-made suit fitting appointment.

Business Suits for Men: Book a Fitting

Add a top-quality and highly personal piece to your professional wardrobe. Our tailored suits are customized to your exact measurements and designed, with your help, to fit your style for any occasion.



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