Custom Tailored Suits & Dress Shirts in Phoenix

We are transparent about our pricing so you don’t walk in to your appointment blindsided. We don’t believe in pushy salesmanship in the slightest, so after discussing your needs, we’ll happily make what you’re looking for within your budget. Take a look at our different lines of custom suiting to see which one fits you best. Instead of one blanket-fit offering, we want to make sure we can meet the needs of each customer looking to be fitted for a custom suit – whether it’s the cost, or the quality of the suit you’re looking for. We’ve trained extensively with each maker to provide the best experience possible no matter the route you take. Please reach out with any questions. 

MAGRO Primary – Suits starting at $995 

This is our main line of suiting. Made in a third generation workshop in the mountains of Portugal. The suits have the perfect European finish to them – lightweight structure, soft curves around the edges, and a slim silhouette all at an amazing price. We only use high quality fabrics milled in Italy or England on these suits from well-known mills like Loro Piana, Ariston, Drago, Carnet, Vitale Barbaris Canonico, Reda, Dormeuil, and more. These suits are made with a full canvas, never fused. The suits are made with a mix of handwork and machine to create the best suit for your dollar. Comparing suit to suit, dollar for dollar with our competitors, we found we charge close to half of what they’re charging. We run a small operation and have very little overhead to be able to pass the amazing pricing on to you. 

MAGRO  x  ITALY – Suits starting at $2495 | Shirts start at $240

These suits are made by hand in a small workshop in Tuscany. Here the tailors use traditional Italian construction methods to create a beautiful, soft, lightweight finish that only the Italians can do. The fabrics we use are sourced out of Italy and England from well known luxury mills, like Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna, Reda, Drago, Ariston, Holland and Sherry, Scabal, Dormeuil, and more. All suits are full canvas, never fused. They are all of course made custom to your measurements with several options for lapel/pocket styles, buttons, linings, canvas and shoulder constructions, and more. We only use Japanese bemberg lining on these suits, creating the most breathable, comfortable suit possible. These suits are comparable to the top-end suits being sold in luxury retail stores for $5-7k – and those are off-the-rack. We’ll talk you through all the options to create the best suit for you. Plan for 6-8 weeks.

MAGRO RUSH – Suits starting at $795 | Shirts start at $150

We offer this line to reach a more attainable budget, and to be able to rush orders for those last minute occasions. These suits are made in southeast Asia at a newly built, advanced manufacturer. Beyond the phenomenal suits and shirts they make, we can also make experimental pieces here – coats, shirt jackets, shirt dresses for women, etc. All suits are full canvas, no fusing. You will not find a suit at this quality for this price. Normal delivery time is 4 weeks. Please contact for rush orders.