Custom Suits


There is a laundry list of reasons why custom suits are spectacular: they look incredible, they feel remarkably comfortable, they make you feel confident, and the life of a well-made custom suit is far more than that of a machine-fabricated, off-the-rack suit. All of that aside, a custom suit is simply about you making an investment in the best version of you – an outward expression of an inward feeling.


A custom suit is fitted to your body and style preference to the nearest millimeter. That’s how much we care. We stress about the small details, so you can put the suit on and never doubt. You won’t have to question what you’re wearing, or how you’re wearing it, because we’ve done all that work for you. Walk into that interview, up to the altar, or into the office with absolute confidence.


 Magro only makes 100% custom, tailor-made for your body, men’s suits. No suit provided by Magro is pre-made and merely adjusted to fit you. From the type and pattern of the fabric, to the inside stitching, every inch of each suit is carefully discussed, designed, and planned by an experienced designer and you. It is imperative that you feel as excited about wearing your suit as we are about making it.

On top of discussing personal style, body type, and budget, we’ll discuss in detail all your options for the suit, from the construction to the choice of buttons, monogram on the inside of the jacket, lining, etc. 

Options & Pricing


All suits are fully custom made, not only to your measurements, but also custom designed with thousands of fabrics to choose from. The only thing that determines the cost is your choice of fabric, all other details are included in that price.


Our suit prices range between collections. Here are the current collections:

MAGRO PRIMARY – Starting at $895

Our primary line of custom suiting is proudly produced at a third generation tailoring facility in Portugal. This is where we found optimal quality and value in one place. They combine Italian techniques and materials with third generation European tailors to create a beautiful piece of art. The constructions range from lightweight unconstructed suits, to full-canvassed constructed suits. Any option you choose along the way with your suit comes at no up-charge. Our pricing on top fabric mills through this facility makes it possible to offer these suits at an aggressively low price compared to anyone else in AZ. Expect garments to be finished in 5-6 weeks.

MAGRO RUSH – starting at $695

We sought out the most sustainable and ethical facility we could find in Southeast Asia. Based in Thailand east of Bangkok, this facility can produce beautifully made suits and shirts quickly (when needed). As quick as a week if needed (rush fees apply). This collection is perfect if you have a last minute event that you need a suit for, or if you simply have a smaller budget for your suit, but still want to go custom.

MAGRO  x  ITALY – starting at $1795

This is where our suits are made by hand using all of the highest quality contruction and materials. This workshop specializes in lightweght tailoring, making it a perfect fit for Phoenix and the southwest. The Italians have mastered the perfect blend of fit and comfort. These suits are soft, lightweight, and luxurious. You will not find a better suit in the southwest, let alone at this starting price. 


Custom shirts start at $150 and range to $300, most fitting in the $150-180 range.
*If you have any questions about pricing, please feel free to reach out!




Custom is a new experience – It’s NOTHING like going to the nearest suit store chain and finding the “closest fitting suit”. Once you go custom, you may not be able to wear your old suits and shirts anymore because of the way they fit and feel. This has been our experience and our customers feel the same way.


Here’s a small list of options you have to customize your suit. There is more, but we don’t want to overwhelm you with choices. You pick what you know you want, and we’ll easily guide you through the rest. Many times a customer will tell us “I’m looking for a very classic, timeless suit that I can wear to any occasion”, or something to that effect. In those cases, we know what to do and will make sure we design the suit properly to meet your needs without having to ask you about each detail.

  • Construction – Full or half Italian horsehair canvas, or completely unstructured
  • Button closure – 1, 2, 3 button or double breasted
  • Pockets – with/without flaps, slanted/straight, patch pockets
  • Lapel – width of lapel, notch, peak, or shoal lapel
  • Linings – full, half, or deconstructed with no lining
  • Buttons – horne, corozo, button placement
  • Sleeves – functioning cuffs, number of buttons on cuffs
  • Small Details – Monogram your name or wedding date, lining combinations, piping, etc.
  • Trousers – Pleats/flat front, belt loops/no belt loops, side adjustors, pockets, etc.
  • Shirts – Collars, cuffs, pockets, plackets, etc.

*don’t get overwhelmed with these details, we’ll guide you through the choices, or you can leave it up to us based on your style, body type, and whatever ocasion you’ll be wearing it to. Please reach out with any questions.