Custom Wedding Suits & Dress Shirts for Men

Custom Wedding Suits

We LOVE weddings at Magro. Weddings have come a long way from what they were just 10 years ago. Wedding photos, venues, and wedding dresses look like they could be taken right out of a fashion magazine. 

After so much time, money, and effort into making your wedding perfect in every way, it’s important to not overlook the groom’s suit. Many couples have told us their regret of not investing in a custom suit for the wedding. Traditionally, couples will go with the easy option of renting a suit or buying the cheapest option off-the-rack which results in an ill-fitting, cheap outfit that doesn’t match the quality of the bride’s gown. Our customers understand the importance a custom suit has on the wedding to match the quality of not only the gown, but the venue, photography, etc. They also understand that the suit is an investment in something that can be worn often for years beyond the wedding. 


Take a look into Magro Clothing. We offer fully custom suits, meaning the suit is custom made to the groom’s measurements. It also means you can choose from thousands of fabrics, pick the color for the inside lining to match your wedding, or even put your wedding date enscribed on the inside of the jacket. Just like everything else for the wedding, make the suit special.