Magro is a custom suit brand in Arizona. Here is the process to start your experience with us. We also do online fittings for out-of-state customers. Please reach out with any questions!


We’ll sit down with you, grab you a drink, and give you the time you need to make all the right decisions. We start by talking about your needs for your wardrobe. We discuss fit, fabrics, colors, patterns, styles, and much more. Then we take you through the design process where you get to choose all the options on your suit, shirt, or coat such as fabric, buttons, pockets, lapels, etc. Then we go into the fitting. Book your appointment here.

Initial Fitting

After your consultation, we take you in front of the mirror to get you fitted. First we’ll take all the necessary measurements to fit you properly. Then, we use fitting samples to give both you and us a good idea of how you want the suit to fit. We’ll guide you through this process as we discuss body type, style, preferences, etc.

A full consultation and fitting can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on how quickly you want to go through all the options. We’re happy to take all the time required to make sure you are happy with your decisions. Book your fitting here.

Final Fitting

Expect the suit to arrive around 6 weeks after the initial fitting. Please contact us for any questions regarding rush orders. When the suit is done, we will contact you for a final fitting which takes about 15 minutes. Occasionally we’ll need to make minor tweaks to your suit to get just the perfect fit. We will take care of any adjustments needed. It is in our best interest to make sure you are looking your very best, which is why we will not overlook a sleeve that is a half a centimeter too long or too short, even if you don’t notice it.