On our last day in Italy we drove out to Biella, the province where all the Italian suit fabrics are milled. We got to go through the entire @reda1865 mill and see the entire process, from the wool top, through the dyeing process, and see the wool refined down from a 2” yarn to a superfine strand of wool. Then passed through the looms where they’re woven into entire pieces. My face pre-tour doesn’t show how excited I was, but I was in heaven.  MAGRO means slim in Italian. That doesn’t mean we only offer slim fit clothing. What it means is that we’re cutting off the fat, so to say, of the the traditional suit. The clothing we offer is lighter weight, more free-flowing, and more breathable than what you’re used to wearing. Made for looking good without dying in the Southwest heat . Reach out with any questions you might have on our custom clothing and please let us know of any additional products you’d like to see   Bringing green to the desert   @kyleepatterson  Loved being a part of this wedding!
 The trip to Italy was amazing. The clothing industry there is unmatched. My friend and intern, @bigslumming and I visited manufacturers, fabric mills, and made sure to see the sites along the way. Excited for future projects for Magro and others. Let me know if you’re starting something in the clothing industry and could use a little boost or connections. I’d love to help where I can     Every time I do a fitting here, the bride starts asking about Monique’s amazing work. @cleoandclementine is the best out there!  Changed locations downtown (a while back now...) Showroom is now in @themckinleyclub along with the amazing @cleoandclementine and couldn’t be happier!
 Here’s me trying not to take things too seriously here. The show features some of the most amazing brands. All of the outfits of visitors here are really fun to watch - some super loud, others very refined and understated. It’s quite the celebration of menswear. As I look to improve the company and to grow, it’s exciting to find new products to carry and ideas to incorporate into the brand. Here’s to progress  #pittiuomo  Tuesday   When your wedding looks like a fashion show runway   What do you think of this tobacco/cinnamon/caramel color? I can't decide on what the color should be called, but I love it!