Matt had his entire outfit envisioned before getting fitted for an interview suit. This is the best brown with black combo I’ve ever seen! Good luck @grungymatt you’re gonna kill it brother!  Summer is coming to an end. Hallelujah ! Though I’ll miss wearing lightweight summer fabrics and no socks, it’s time to add a little bit of texture in the next month or so. Now is the time to place your orders for Fall/Winter jackets and suits. Dark colors, lightweight flannels (for AZ), tweeds, holiday dinner jackets/tuxedos, etc. This month is already filling up on the calendar   When I started Magro, I thought it would be cool to wear a suit everyday. Classic, structured suits. I got sick of it pretty quick. Until I tried an unstructured jacket. Since then I’ve been trying to find ways to wear suits in a much more natural way for me and this environment (currently 115 degree weather). But not in this weather still . I can’t add anything beyond a t shirt right now. The beauty of this suit is that I can wear it on a white shirt and tie to a wedding or church, then throw some espadrilles and a short sleeve during the week at fittings, out to dinner, meetings, etc. if you haven’t tried a jacket this like this, it’s time. Fall is coming up, and honestly the only way to wear a heavier/textured wool here in AZ is to lighten the structure, or take it all out to make it comfortable, flexible, and breathable. Hit me up if you’re ready   On our last day in Italy we drove out to Biella, the province where all the Italian suit fabrics are milled. We got to go through the entire @reda1865 mill and see the entire process, from the wool top, through the dyeing process, and see the wool refined down from a 2” yarn to a superfine strand of wool. Then passed through the looms where they’re woven into entire pieces. My face pre-tour doesn’t show how excited I was, but I was in heaven.
 This month I’ve taken advantage of as many trips/vacations as I could and now I’m ready to jump back in the showroom for fittings. Busy season for Magro is coming up. If you need a suit for November/December, now’s the time. Also, some exciting things are coming this fall/winter here!  An amazing photograph I came across the other day. Look at the simple, lightweight structure of their jackets. For some reason around the 80s/90s and on to the 2000s shoulder and chest structure got thicker and thicker. Pinch your suit’s shoulder or chest. If it’s more than 1/2”, it might be time to update your suits - especially if you’re living in the Southwest.  Loved working with this couple! My job is rad because I get to meet awesome, super real people all the time. Love his choice on he suit and how it came out!  @jenbeephotography  The trip to Italy was amazing. The clothing industry there is unmatched. My friend and intern, @bigslumming and I visited manufacturers, fabric mills, and made sure to see the sites along the way. Excited for future projects for Magro and others. Let me know if you’re starting something in the clothing industry and could use a little boost or connections. I’d love to help where I can
 Taking a week long break from suits on a little road trip with some friends @letskeepitwild hiking, camping, cleanups, etc. going to all new places I haven’t been to in Utah. Follow these guys and their mission. Awesome company to spend the week with!  Anytime another wedding vendor chooses your brand to be a part of their wedding, it feels like the highest honor in the industry. @melissajill and her now husband Bruce were such a fun couple to work with. And she chose such an amazing photographer @danielkimphoto  What a wedding to be a part of!  Awesome to work with you Jordi! His double breasted vest was the perfect touch   Here’s me trying not to take things too seriously here. The show features some of the most amazing brands. All of the outfits of visitors here are really fun to watch - some super loud, others very refined and understated. It’s quite the celebration of menswear. As I look to improve the company and to grow, it’s exciting to find new products to carry and ideas to incorporate into the brand. Here’s to progress  #pittiuomo